We are an Enviroschool. This means that we care deeply about protecting and caring for the environment. We show this by;

Working closely with Capital Kiwi around releasing the Kiwi in 'our backyard' - the hills around our school.

We run a pest trapping line throughout the boundaries of the school. Pest control, rats, mice and possums is aa hugely important project we are undertaking with Capital Kiwi, to maintain the safety of the (so far) 63 Kiwi in our surrounding area.

Planning and planting native bush habitats for our native animals. Coast Clean ups. Raising Community Awareness and Carefully recycling and composting waste where possible - being conscious of rubbish disposal. 

Garden to Table in action. We have a school garden, growing things that we can eat and that insects like too. Encouraging life around the school.
Looking after our tuna - eels, and saving water from the roof to use in the garden and feeding scraps to our chickens. In turn we use their eggs for our garden to table learning.