Assessment and Reporting

At Mākara Model School, our approach to assessment is comprehensive and dynamic. We believe in utilising a diverse range of assessment tools and techniques to formulate Overall Teacher Judgements (OTJs) about our students' progress and learning.

To facilitate this process, we have crafted assessment rubrics for each of the learning areas. These rubrics serve as invaluable guides for our teachers, students, and whānau (family and community) members, offering a clear view of the learning progressions, goal areas, and next steps.

One of our core principles is to empower our students, encouraging them to take charge of their learning pathways. We facilitate this by fostering a sense of agency, enabling them to set and work towards their goals.

To maintain transparency and real-time communication with parents, we utilise the Hero App. Through this platform, we provide continuous updates on assessments, evidence of learning, and goal setting. Moreover, we prioritise regular meetings with parents to share these goals, celebrate successes, and ensure their active involvement in their child's educational journey.

This collaborative approach helps us nurture well-rounded and engaged learners at Mākara Model School.