Caro Wills

What makes Mākara Model School Stand Out?

MMS stands out for many reasons. We have a wonderful team who really care about each child, and come together to achieve great things, striving to make a difference every day. Our students are fantastic explorers who make the most of every learning opportunity, as well as the incredible environmental opportunities we are surrounded by, and who really support each other.  We are fortunate to have a very supportive parent team, board and community too!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, who are you?

I have been involved in education since 2000. I have worked at six amazing schools prior to starting here at Mākara Model School in 2022, This is my first principal’s role, and I feel so privileged to be able to lead this incredible school. I think that I have the best job in the world - working with amazing people and helping them achieve success every day. I live locally, with my family of three wonderful children and two greyhounds called Fred and Rose. I love getting into nature, running or walking the trails, enjoy the gym and keeping the family active - mountain biking, surfing, athletics and team sports.

What are you most proud of and what are you hoping to achieve. What messages do you have for our learners?

I really enjoy sharing in the success of our learners. After quite a few years in education, it is always exciting to see students that I have worked with achieve in so many areas. I am hoping to continue to build on Mākara Model Schools excellent reputation for developing successful lifelong learners. I am excited to develop a field-based, hands on and skills driven local  curriculum, by utilising the opportunities that the idyllic surroundings create, and the expertise on hand. My message for our learners is to be passionate, and in charge of your learning - making the most of every day and every opportunity provided, while living the Mākara values.

What makes Mākara Model School an eco-school and what are you hoping to improve about the environment?

MMS does a wonderful job caring for the environment and we are working towards achieving our Green-Gold Enviro school status. Initiatives such as the worm farm, school gardens, fruit orchard and recycling scheme all help students to learn about how to care for our world. We have an ongoing active pest-control initiative, working alongside Capital Kiwi and Zealandia to eradicate pests so we can release Kiwi back into the area. We have our chickens, and native Tuna in the stream, which we care for, as well as an ongoing native tree planting roll out, to surround our school in native  plant life.  We have close connections to the Meridian wind farm, are also looking into a grant for solar panels.

I am looking forward to helping our Mākara explorers decide on what further improvements best meet their needs. 

What different styles of learning are you intending to use to help your students have success and fun at school?

It is really important that our school fully supports the learning styles of all of our students. I also firmly believe that learning should be fun and engaging. We are working hard to ensure that learning at our school is a positive experience for every child. I am particularly interested in increasing the amount of choice our learners have about their learning and making sure that our school is flexible enough to meet the needs of all of our students.I am passionate about growing a love of learning in our tamariki, and in creating a learning framework which highlights our environment, creativity, collaboration and connections,